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Free paper (2018) – Reclaiming education: ‘fake news’, research and social justice

“It feels like a sign of the times that, in 2017, dictionary publisher Collins named the term ‘fake news’ word of the year. Education has not been immune from its own forms of  ‘fake news’  Of course, there are policies that are well informed, drawing evidence from research, policy and practice to offer high-quality frameworks to guide educational practice. However, all too often there is an international trend for policies to emerge where it is difficult to discern the underlying evidence base that has informed the thinking that lies behind the policy. On occasion, there are neither footnotes nor a reference list to allow those interested to track the dependability of the policy or its guidance. Even when there is a reference list it may refer only to previous policy: a vicious circle of ideas that may or may not be dependable.”

“And these same policies are intended to act as the basis for teachers’ practice with children and young people in schools and classrooms. We live in challenging times politically, economically and socially. These are times when dependable evidence matters more than ever. The articles in this edition employ a range of approaches to educational research put they share a number of common features: they are shaped by reason; they are explicit about the evidence base on which they draw, and they have been subjected to rigorous peer review. Articles such as these offer examples of the way in which research might make a contribution to challenging the world of educational ‘fake news’.”


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