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On Nicky Morgan’s workload promise: how much progress has been made in a year?

A year ago Nicky Morgan promised to reduce teacher workloads I thought it would be interesting to track the progress of “the promise”.

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Nicky Morgan praises teachers and promises to reduce their workloads

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan


21st October 2014

Nicky Morgan: ‘I want to build a new deal for teacher workload – and I need your help’

Every day, thousands of teachers rise to the challenge of giving our children and young people the essential skills, knowledge and values they need to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

This country has world-class teachers and I have huge respect for the way the teaching profession has worked with us over the last few years to implement much-needed reforms. You are the ones who are putting this government’s plan for education into action.

But too many of you are still struggling under the burden of an unnecessary and unsustainable workload. We want to work with you, and the whole of the teaching profession, to see what we can do to reduce this burden – to offer you a new deal.


6 February 2015

Workload challenge: analysis of teacher responses

bureaucracy document 


6 February 2015

Government response to the Workload Challenge 

bureaucracy response


6 February 2015

Nick Clegg unveils government plan to better teacher workload balance

Nick Clegg unveils government plan to better teacher workload balance


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