The “I just couldn’t help myself” top EDU books list

Great practice by headguruteacher creating a Teaching and Learning Library and using it as the basis of a whole school conversation to improve classroom practice.

Here is my list, which would sit side by side with the books of edu-bloggers and, if possible, access to pay-walled research, preferably free. I have ignored the concept of contemporary because most of the ideas here are still being worked through however I have included some recent stuff.

To be honest it grows every time I think about it, and it’s a little bit on the theory (pseuds corner) end of the spectrum but ho hum. One more point I’ve avoided originals in certain cases because, in some cases, they are (possibly) not that  accessible to practitioners.

Would be interesting to see other BLOGGERS lists.


1) Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education: From Piaget to the Present Day (Routledge Key Guides) by Liora Bresler (Editor),  David Cooper(Editor), Joy Palmer(Editor)

2) John Dewey and the Challenge of Classroom Practice (Practitioner Inquiry Series) by Stephen M. Fishman (Author), Lucille McCarthy (Author)

3) Foucault, Power, and Education (Routledge Key Ideas in Education) by Stephen J. Ball

4) Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture, 2nd Edition (Theory, Culture & Society) by Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Claude Passeron and Richard Nice

5) Thought and Language by Lev S. Vygotsky and Alex Kozulin

6) Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Penguin Education) by Paulo Freire and Myra Bergman Ramos

7) The Contribution of Basil Bernstein to Research (History of Schools and Schooling by Basil Bernstein, Isabel Neves, Brian Davies and Harry Danielss

8) Derrida & Education (Routledge International Studies in the Philosophy of Education by Gert J.J. Biesta(Editor), Denise Egéa-Kuehne(Editor)

9) The Hidden Lives of Learners by Graham Nuthall

10) Social: Why our brains are wired to connect – Matthew D. Lieberman

12) Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam

13) Understanding Educational Research– August 4, 1996 by David Scott(Editor), Robin Usher(Editor)

14) Studying Your Own School: An Educator’s Guide to Practitioner Action Research by Gary L. Anderson, Kathryn G. Herr and Ann S. (Sigrid) Nihlen

15) Classroom Observation: A guide to the effective observation of teaching and learning by Matt O’Leary

16) Women’s Ways Of Knowing: The Development Of Self, Voice, And Mind by Mary Field Belenky

17) The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding by Kieran Egan

18) Wittgenstein’s Anti-Philosophy Hardcover by Alain Badiou


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